Industrial Crane Rental

For your next commercial construction job, save money with the best industrial crane rental options from Rent-A-Crane, the area’s trusted leader in big equipment leasing.

If you are a project manager, you likely know exactly what machinery you need to complete your next big job. From levers to pulleys and long trusses, you want the best in heavy-lifting equipment to move materials. But purchasing these machines may be cost-prohibitive. Depending on the size of the model and their weight-lifting capacity, the price of these mammoth machines can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. The average construction company could better use this money to invest or pay down other bills. Considering the length of time each heavy lifter is needed, the cost of purchase may not be justifiable. That’s why a reputable industrial crane rental company like Rent-A-Crane makes good business sense. Our affordable options are unmatched and make it possible to get your job done within budget and on time. The financial benefits also have added benefits. Not only is leasing more affordable, you also do not need to worry about maintenance costs tacked on. Regular upkeep and inspection are essential and pricey. We take care of both for you. You also have the bonus of a trained operator for every piece of machinery you lease. Certification is costly, but we ensure that the person who is running your big equipment is experienced and licensed—no questions asked. No need to get your personnel up to speed in the middle of a project. Our staff and our equipment are ready to roll.

Affordability, however, would be worthless without the credibility behind our company’s products and the quality, safety and customer satisfaction we guarantee with every contract. Our industrial crane services are by far the best in the Mid-Atlantic. First, we offer a myriad of models from a gleaming fleet of 20 models, including all-terrain, rough terrain, award-winning Groves that range in size from 33 to 450 tons, with booms extending to 420 ft. We also offer rigging capabilities and heavy haulers, as well as storage. Our diverse inventory means you’re prepared no matter what the job entails. Second, we guarantee safety. Every single piece of equipment that we provide is regularly inspected and adheres to strict industry standards. Moreover, every one of our operators is NCCCO certified and undergoes rigorous testing and continuing educations. Finally, our customers have trusted us for 55 years to deliver friendly, courteous and professional assistance on every job, big or small. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Don’t go into financial debt to find a piece of equipment you’ll need to repair. Contact Rent-A-Crane today for the highest quality, most affordable and safest machinery in the industry.