renting a crane

Contact ‘Rent-A-Crane’ to find out why renting a crane will save you money, time and worry, and let us help you find the right equipment for your next construction project.

For a sizeable commercial or long-term residential project, some construction companies may not be able to afford new equipment, so they decide to buy used. But not everyone knows the history of the machinery they’ve purchased. Sure enough, in the middle of the job, something goes wrong. This could mean a significant loss of time because the machinery is out of commission for a while. Financially, the problem could be costly. And, or course, the headache that stems from falling behind on your project’s schedule cannot be overstated. Builders can alleviate all of these possible problems when they rent a crane from the company people have trusted for more than 55 years: Rent-A-Crane in Manassas, Va. Serving the region with an impressive fleet of 20 models at the ready, we can make your job easier. Did you know the average model costs about $20,000 to purchase, whereas high-end models can run upwards of $300,000? How many years might it take to recoup your investment? What type of impact will running up debt have on your financial future? Leasing is a smart and more affordable option, especially if your work is seasonal or unpredictably scheduled.

Another important factor to consider is repair. So many problems can arise at a work site. If the machine you bought is sub-par, overworked or had been used for many years, you may encounter misalignment, damaged or worn ropes and wires, electrical malfunction, wheel wear or damaged hooks. Not only are these problems costly to fix on your own, they also present major safety hazards. Renting a crane means the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance, as well as safety measures, is not yours; it’s ours. Rest assured, we take this seriously. Our operators inspect their machine every day and a third-party thoroughly evaluates the machines yearly.  We guarantee that our experienced and licensed technicians will make your job worry-free. From 450-ton models to Groves, all-terrain, rough terrain, heavy hauling trucks, rigging and storage options, we have just about any make and model you need. Ease your financial worries and meet your project deadlines. Contact Rent-A-Crane to schedule a free consultation to plan your next job with outstanding equipment.