all terrain crane rental

Contact ‘Rent-A-Crane,’ the most respected big-equipment provider in the area, and find out why an all terrain crane rental will make the toughest construction jobs feel easy.

They’re stealthy, they’re versatile and they’re tremendously strong. In the construction business, not every piece of equipment possesses these three features. However, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting—and much more—with your next all terrain crane rental from the area’s most respected and experienced business in the industry: Rent-A-Crane, Inc. What makes these machines so sought after is their agility and diverse capabilities. They can handle just about anything a job has to offer. For lifting tasks, their booms extend hundreds of feet so reaching is never an issue. They also are able to perform on and off the road in almost any weather condition. From pavement to rocky hills, these machines are tough yet safe and resilient. Despite their relatively compact size (compared to other mammoth models), these machines are amazingly mobile. From asphalt to gravel, dirt and sand, these models can maneuver across rugged work sites and through tricky landscape.

Despite the advantages of these models, some clients wonder if the benefits of all terrain crane rentals out ownership. The answer is yes. No longer do you need to worry about equipment malfunctions or breakdowns in the middle of a project. Our impeccable fleet of 20 machines range in size from 33 to 450 tons and booms to 420 ft.  Operators and crews place their trust in these machines, which are always up to code, inspected daily by the operator and annually by an independent party and exceed manufacturer certifications. Our professional operators each hold NCCCO certification In addition we can provide you with certified riggers and signal people for the ultimate in safety. Every member of the crew is trained, licensed and undergoes comprehensive coursework and testing. From a budgetary standpoint, leasing makes good business sense. Why invest in an astronomically expensive piece of equipment when you can use the capital in other ways to grow your business. Our knowledgeable staff will use its 55 years in the business to help you choose the best machine for your job. Moreover, our customer service is superb; we’re there for you during project planning, implementation and follow-up. Trust Rent-A-Crane, the family-owned business that places safety first with your next big job.