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If you need to rent a crane in Virginia, contact Rent-A-Crane, the family-owned business that makes safety their #1 priority and learn why customers have trusted them for 55 years.

A few years ago, after a spurt of accidents involving big equipment on commercial job sites, the media picked up on the dangers of operating these machines. A leading expert from a national safety board spoke to Live

Science on the threat of using these machines when mishandled. The spokesperson noted that heavy lifters have “been proven to be the one piece of equipment that has the potential to do the most damage on any job.” But construction managers who need to rent a crane in Virginia do not need to worry. They can place their trust in the most respected, family-owned business and industry leader for safety, Rent-A-Crane, Inc. Based in Manassas, we have been providing the highest quality equipment to contractors for more than 55 years, always keeping safety our first priority. With each leasing agreement, we provide an NCCCO licensed technician who knows how to operate the machine to minimize risk at all times. All operators have been trained and tested and regularly re-tested to ensure safety is not only preached but practiced on the job.

We also guarantee the safety of our equipment. With machines that can lift up to 450 tons and with booms that extend up to 438 ft., our astounding fleet is comprised of some massive models, including the gigantic Grove. We understand and respect the sheer size and strength of what we lease. So we make sure each machine is inspected each day by its operator and regularly by a third party. We value the safety of our staff, our clients and our community. That’s why we’ve been in business for half a century, serving the Virginia crane rental needs of contractors on projects that have included bridges, houses, commercial building and even the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. We don’t rush our jobs. Hasty work only results in injury. We carefully plan each project but still meet our deadlines. Contact us today by phone, email or in person to discuss your needs and discover firsthand how Rent-A-Crane places customer safety first.

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