Estimation & Ordering

Do you offer free estimates?

Our knowledgeable sales staff consists of dispatchers in our office as well as estimators in the field. Many questions can be answered over the phone, and our sales team will be happy to give you an estimate if possible. Sometimes, however, due to site specific safety concerns, the job needs to be seen and sized […]

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What kind of information do I need to gather before calling to size a crane?

The main things to note when sizing a crane over the phone are as follows:

What is the weight of the item(s) to be lifted?
What is the dimensional size of the item(s) to be lifted?
Where are the rigging points or what is the rigging method? How will we attach to your item(s) to lift them?
Is any […]

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How far in advance do I need to call to order a crane?

Crane orders can be placed days or weeks in advance, or even the day of the job, if we have the proper equipment available. To place an order, call our dispatch office at (800) 255-2741 or (703) 550-7097.

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Who do I call for a crane after hours or in an emergency?

The after hours phone number is (703) 475-1097. In the case of an emergency, we will do everything we can to dispatch a crane in your time of need.

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