The main things to note when sizing a crane over the phone are as follows:

  • What is the weight of the item(s) to be lifted?
  • What is the dimensional size of the item(s) to be lifted?
  • Where are the rigging points or what is the rigging method? How will we attach to your item(s) to lift them?
  • Is any special rigging required?
  • What are the physical dimensions of the building or obstruction that we will be lifting over, including
    1. the distance from the bumper of the crane to the side of the building
    2. the height of the building
    3. the distance across the roof of the building
  • Do a quick site safety check. Are there any overhead wires, trees, underground utilities, uncompacted soil, or other site specific safety concerns that warrant attention?
  • Will the crane be sitting on private property or public property? If the crane will need to setup on public property, we will need to either gain permission to use this property, or in some cases, purchase a permit to sit on the property.
  • Where will the crane be traveling? Our larger machines require travel permits to drive in certain areas, and we must make arrangements for this ahead of time.

For more information about estimation, see our Crane Sizing Guide.