When handling a rough terrain environment, it’s necessary to be equipped with the right cranes to make sure you can get the job done safely and done right. As you scope out the project site, even in better areas, the underlying terrain conditions can be rough. Not only do you need the right crane to operate, but you also need the most trained staff to operate the rough terrain crane on site.

What good is a crane if there’s nobody that can operate it? Our team has decades of dedicated crane operations, as we operate under the safest and most professional protocols. When you want to rent a rough terrain crane, at first, you may think you’re only just renting the perfect crane for the job. Which, don’t get us wrong, is a huge factor in renting a rough terrain crane. But what you also need to consider, is having the right crew to operate the crane. Experienced crane operators are value beyond the dollar amount of the rental. Rough terrain jobs are never two of the same, so having an experienced crane operator that can adapt and overcome any obstacle on the job site is important.

As we approach every rough terrain job, Rent-A-Crane is committed to the safety of every person present on the job site, and every piece of equipment that’ll be handled. We have a crane that can handle any jobsite, but if we run into and issue, we shouldn’t force that crane through that issue. Our company motto is to always put safety first. Not only does it secure the safety of the crew and the job, but it also eliminates any delays that can occur due to accidents or safety issues. At the end of the day, rough terrain jobs are… rough. Which is why it’s important to choose the most experienced crew, along with the perfect rough terrain crane for the job.