Rent-A-Crane, Inc. 450 Ton Crane

With a boom in the Virginia construction industry there is a higher demand for the 450 ton crane to handle bigger projects. Throughout the country, construction is on the rise due to new projects as well as renovations. If buildings can be salvaged they are, if not then the owner wants a brand new building that will start generating revenue quickly. That’s great for business but builders are now feeling the pressure of handling more work. That’s why you need a company that can handle all your needs whether you have a small project or have to handle a really large project. There’s no point in having to find a new crane rental company every time you have a project because the last one you used cannot meet your demands. That costs you time and money, two things you cannot afford to waste. That’s why you need to find a team that has a great selection of equipment to accommodate you on any project.

Rent-A-Crane, Inc. can accommodate you with any size project, whether you need small equipment or a 450 ton crane. Our goal is to help you keep your project on schedule and we accomplish this with outstanding service, experience and putting safety first. When you are handling big construction equipment there is no such thing as rushing. Everything has to be done by the book to ensure the safety of the crew and the project itself. That’s why we do not rush, but our experience and commitment to excellence is why we still get the project done on time. If you have some big jobs coming up and you need an experienced team to handle the workload, give us a call today. We have the crew and the equipment needed to get the job done.

Winner of the 2013 ESTA award for innovation, the Grove GMK 6400 450 ton crane by Manitowoc is the most powerful 6-axle crane on the market today. It overcame strong competition and took home the distinguished prize at Germany’s bauma trade fair—the world’s biggest construction expo which draws over half a million visitors annually.

450 Ton Crane Facing LeftSo what helped the GMK 6400 450 ton crane outmatch and outperform its rivals? A lot: with a 450 ton lifting capacity, the GMK 6400 450 ton crane provides the industry’s best load chart for its class and comes outfitted with a range of innovative technologies. This mix of power and ingenuity enables the GMK 6400 450 ton crane to perform any construction job you throw at it.

Energy, infrastructure, medical centers and commercial properties—no construction project is too big for the GMK 6400 450 ton crane.

We all want to believe that there’s one piece of construction equipment that works for any project. There are some cranes that will handle the majority of jobs, tough terrain and cramped spaces well so that you can get the project done safely and quickly. However, every once in a while you need some real muscle and that’s why Rent A Crane utilizes their VA 40 ton crane to make sure that even the biggest jobs are not a problem. There are a few things you should always look for from a crane rental agency when you have a big project you need assistance with:

  1. Experience: You cannot underestimate the importance of experience, especially when it comes to bigger jobs that require the VA 450 ton crane. These jobs literally have more on the line so you want a crew that has the working knowledge to get everything done correctly and most importantly, safely.
  2. Equipment: Companies will often go with the most commonly used equipment first, which is smart. However, RAC believes in being able to meet every customer’s needs which is why we have a larger selection than others.
  3. Attention to detail: Everyone is in a rush because time is money. That makes sense but when you need a crane to move something big you want to make sure that the team you hire is going to pay attention to every detail so that the job is done quickly but also safely.

When you need some real muscle to get the job done you can rely on RAC thanks to our experience and great selection of cranes for rent.

Grove GMK 6400 450 Ton Crane Features

Here are just some of the ways Grove’s GMK 6400 450 ton crane can meet your building and repair needs:

  • Compact Design for maneuvering between tight spaces, ideal for heavily urbanized areas such as downtown cores.
  • Power to Size Ratio: GMK 6400  450 ton crane combines the class size of a 6-axle crane with the lifting power of larger 7-axle rivals. In short, it offers higher lifting capacity at reduced fuel costs.
  • Off-Road Ability: GMK 6400’s 450 ton crane Megatrak™ suspension system provides exceptional mobility on rough job sites, ideal for energy projects located around natural terrain such as forests or rocky hills.
  • Easy Transition: With the same basic design, switching from other Manitowoc cranes to the GMK 6400 450 ton crane is effortless, so crane operators can start working faster.
  • MegaWingLift™: Self-rigging and can be assembled without auxiliary cranes, thus reducing transportation and assembly costs. Only 1 lift is needed to install and each can be put together in less than 30 minutes, boosting productivity while saving your business time and money.
  • Improved Crane Functions: Grove’s patented tensioning system increases the crane’s lift capacity even when the boom is angled steeply, with a load chart gain of 38t to 64t at 60m boom. Speed and joystick settings can be adjusted to operator’s needs for greater efficiency; exclusive CraneSTAR system provides continuous self-diagnosis and error logs for quicker trouble-shooting, resulting in minimal loss of productivity and higher profit margins.
  • Fuel Saver Option: automatically reduces fuel consumption while idling (typically 80% of a crane’s operating time), again saving your business money and also cutting down on carbon emissions.
  • Single engine powers both carrier and superstructure, which significantly reduces the overall weight and increases mobility, power and efficiency.

Fast and simple installation, efficient cost-saving measures, intelligent self-diagnosis, incredible mobility and enormous power, Manitowoc’s Grove GMK 6400 450 ton crane is ideal for any heavy-duty construction project, whether it’s public or commercial in nature.

VA Crane offers rental and repair services for the GMK 6400 450 ton crane line, and all of our operators are certified by the NCCCO (National Commission of Crane Operators). So please call, email or fax us if you’re interested in getting that next big construction job off the ground.